Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should we choose JBK Search?

Brenda Patterson founded JBK Search. She has 30 years of award-winning success, was inducted into the Pinnacle Society (a consortium of 75 of the top recruiters in the country), and cares deeply that her client's goals and objectives are fulfilled. Brenda is known for finding needles within haystacks within haystacks. She will not stop recruiting on an assignment until she is convinced she's found the best candidate for the job. Brenda stays in close communication with her clients throughout the entire search process and provides progress reports. Recruiting is not a job for us - it is a way of life.

2. Why choose retained search?

Retained searches are much more exhaustive than contingency searches. Retained searches increase the commitment for both the client and the recruiter. There is a proven higher response rate by candidates called by a retained recruier vs a contingency recruiter.

3. Describe your search process.

Please visit Our Process for more information. We conduct a behavioral-based interview with all finalist candidates prior to presenting to our client.

4. How much experience does JBK Search have in the industry?

JBK was founded by Brenda Patterson who has 30 years experience in recruiting. She broke all records in her rookie year becoming international rookie of the year. She was Pacesetter (top 10 out of 5000 recruiters) for the ten years she was with a major recruiting company. She built project teams helping her clients hire multiple people quickly. Brenda loves recruiting and has a strong work ethic.

5. Describe your guarantee.

We have an industry-leading one-year guarantee. If a candidate you hire from us does not work out (which is rare) and quits or is terminated within the first year of his/her hire date, we will repeat the search process at no charge. This guarantee excludes canddidates who quit or are terminated for reasons such as change of company ownership, lack of work, reorganization, or a change of job responsibilities. We ask for notice within 5 days of termination. Our guarantee is contingent upon agreement to our fee agreement.

6. Who makes the decision on which candidates are presented?

No candidate is presented to a client without assessment by our Founder and President, Brenda Patterson. Brenda puts all finalist candidates through a strict behavioral-based interview.